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Riddoch Arts & Cultural Centre

The Riddoch holds the state’s foremost regional collection with over 1500 items, from paintings and prints depicting the people and history of the Limestone Coast to a significant collection of Aboriginal and 20th Century Australian art, featured in curated collection exhibitions throughout the year

See the daily screening of the movie ‘Volcano‘, the story of Earth, Fire and Water. Beginning with the local Aboriginal Dreamtime story, Craitbul, this awesome big screen adventure weaves its way through the eight major volcanic eruptions that created Mount Gambier and the Kanawinka region.

In the evenings a stunning light display in the Cave Garden illuminates the exterior of the building with historic photos and footage giving way to a spectacular sound and light show that tells the stories of the Boandik people and their connection to local landmarks.

Riddoch Arts & Cultural Centre

1 Bay Road Mount Gambier SA 5290

08 8721 2563

Mon to Fri 10am–5pm,
Sat and Sun 10am–2pm.
See our website for latest information.

Riddoch Arts & Cultural Centre

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