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RAFT Artspace

RAFT is nationally and internationally renowned for its unique style and carefully considered exhibitions. Since its inception, the gallery has set an agenda promoting community interest in the region and provoking an extensive critical discourse.

Founded in Darwin in 2001 by Dallas Gold, RAFT presented more than 150 exhibitions in its Top End gallery, before relocating in 2010 to Alice Springs. Throughout its history RAFT has collaborated with many galleries, creating interstate projects such as RAFT south in Hobart from 2016-2017.

RAFT is a commercial gallery with a focus on presenting contemporary art from Central and Northern Australia. Its program includes both Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, celebrating difference, respecting culture and presenting a program of integrity and dynamism. All exhibitions are informed by cultural awareness and social responsibility, with a commitment to best practice.

RAFT Artspace

2/8 Hele Crescent, Alice Springs NT 0870, Australia

0428 410 811

During exhibitions
Tues - Fri 10am-4pm
Sat 10am-2pm
Other times by appointment

RAFT Artspace

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