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Purple Noon Gallery

Purple Noon Gallery is a contemporary art gallery on Sydney’s northwest outskirts, at the foot of the Blue Mountains. The gallery supports the work of established artists, whilst also providing a nurturing platform for fresh talent and local art. Gallery director Dr Robyn Williams carefully curates the constantly changing program of exhibitions.

Concerned with ideas around cultural exchange, the gallery incorporates a diverse mix of art from around Australia, proudly supporting Australian Indigenous artists presented in association with several important Aboriginal Art Centres. It also administers the national Hawkesbury Art Prize, developing and broadening ideas on contemporary Australian identity.

Since its opening in November 2006 Purple Noon Gallery continues to establish itself as an exhilarating cultural hub for the local community and has become an attractive alternate art destination for neighbouring Sydneysiders. Purple Noon exhibits an impressive range of contemporary Australian paintings, limited edition prints and etchings, sculpture, fine woodwork, glass and jewellery by local & national Australian artists.

Purple Noon Gallery

606 Terrace Road, Freemans Reach NSW 2756

02 4579 6579

Mon, Tues, Wed

Thur to Fri
10am to 4pm

Sat & Sun
11am to 4pm

Closed on Public Holidays and Christmas till mid January

Purple Noon Gallery

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