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praxis ARTSPACE is an independently run gallery and artist studio located in Bowden, just outside of the Adelaide CBD, established in August 2015. The Gallery takes its name from the ancient Greek philosopher’s word ‘praxis’ – promoting the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realising or practicing thoughts and ideas.

As a curated exhibition space, praxis assists and supports distinctive experimental ventures by artists at all stages of their careers. It aims to provide a program of events that includes painting, sculpture, installation art, performance, film and artist talks. Its studios offer an opportunity for resident artists to immerse themselves in their field of practice.

Image: Installation view of Home Thoughts From Abroad, curated by Jo Kitto, praxis ARTSPACE. (foreground) Badiucao presenting artist talk with work, (background) mural by Aida Azin.


68-72 Gibson Street, Bowden, SA, 5007, Australia

08 7231 1974 or 0411 649 231

Wed to Sat 11am–4pm.
Appointments welcome.
See our website for latest information.


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