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Niagara Galleries

Established in 1978, Niagara is one of the leading contemporary galleries in Australia. The gallery represents over 45 artists from around the world including painters, printmakers, sculptors, ceramacists, photographers and multi-media and installation based artists.

Originally located in Niagara Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, Niagara Galleries has occupied 245 Punt Road in Richmond since 1984. Since its inception, the goal of the gallery has been to exhibit outstanding and important contemporary art.

The gallery, through its annual Blue Chip exhibitions has played an important role in rediscovering artists like Ralph Balson, Grace Cossington-Smith, Clarice Beckett, Helen Maudsley, Tony Tuckson and Ian Fairweather amongst others.

Niagara Galleries

245 Punt Road Richmond VIC 3121

03 9429 3666

Wed to Sat 12pm–5pm,
or by appointment.

Niagara Galleries

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