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NCCA – Northern Centre for Contemporary Art

 The Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA) remains the only independent public gallery in the Northern Territory dedicated to contemporary art. This unique mantle and mandate manifests through a diverse and dynamic annual exhibition and public program which supports both artists and other cultural programs within Darwin.

The gallery has long been a critical platform for forging an interface between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal art and artists. The NCCA began life in 1989 as 24HR Art, NT Centre for Contemporary Art, a reference to the gallery’s original location in a disused petrol station. In 1990, we moved to our current location in the former Parap Cinema building.

Our name change in 2013 gives emphasis to the gallery’s vision as a contemporary art crucible both of the Northern Territory, as well as our orientation that looks northward towards remote Indigenous and Southeast Asian communities. 

NCCA – Northern Centre for Contemporary Art

Vimy Lane, Parap Shopping Village Darwin NT 0801

08 8981 5368

Wed to Fri 10am – 4pm, Sat 9am – 2pm.

NCCA – Northern Centre for Contemporary Art

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