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Modern Times

Melburnians have a deep appreciation for art and design as well as fostering local talent and appreciating the handmade. Thus, Modern Times, situated in the beating heart of the creative inner North, is a tailor-made emporium.

Described by Broadsheet as a “pillar of the Melbourne design community”, the Modern Times showroom brings together vintage European design furniture with a curated collection of contemporary Australian art and design.

With a constant rotation of original Australian art, regular exhibitions and new furniture pieces arriving daily from the restoration workshop, and a showroom arranged in welcoming and inspiring ‘rooms’, the Modern Times experience always delivers the unexpected.

Juxtaposing styles, genres and the old with the new, Modern Times has an idiosyncratic style that inspires you to articulate your own creative expression.

Modern Times

311 Smith Street, Fitzroy

(03) 9913 8598

Tues to Sat
10am -5pm

Modern Times

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