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Mildura Arts Centre

Mildura Arts Centre is comprised of Rio Vista Historic House, a gallery spread across five exhibition spaces, a café bar and a 500 seat theatre featuring a forestage lift and modern production capabilities.

The galleries feature an ever changing program of exhibitions from local artists, touring artists and featured collections with a focus on the interesting and the diverse. The permanent collection of Mildura Arts Centre long ago outgrew the gallery walls, but there are always a few pieces out for visitors to enjoy.

The theatre auditorium hosts every important event from conferences, primary school graduations and excellent local productions to favourite comedians, The Australian Ballet and Circus Oz. We even have the odd cabaret show in our foyer and live community events on our lawns. VISTA Cafe Bar is an ideal spot to grab a coffee or a local wine and relax after touring the house and gallery, or before a theatre performance.

Mildura Arts Centre

199 Cureton Avenue Mildura VIC 3500

03 5018 8330

Open Daily 10am–4pm.

Mildura Arts Centre

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