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Linden New Art

Linden New Art is a public gallery that specialises in displaying new contemporary art. The gallery opened to the public in 1986 and is located in the seaside suburb of St Kilda. Housed in a Victorian mansion, Linden’s grand domestic building makes it a unique place to see, explore and discuss contemporary art.

Its annual exhibition program features work from artists across Australia and overseas. Exhibitions change every eight weeks and are supported by a range of dynamic programs to allow for visitors to learn about, debate and question contemporary art. Opportunities to meet artists and curators are regular features of its programs.

Linden Projects Space is a new exhibition space launched at Linden New Art in August 2019. The space is available for hire and has been designed to create exhibition opportunities for artists and curators living and working on the Southside of Melbourne.

Linden New Art

26 Acland Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

03 9534 0099

Tue to Sun 11am–4pm.
See our website for latest information.

Linden New Art

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