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From the shutdown of Liddell Power Station, LiddellWORKS has emerged – a creative program that seeks to honour the legacy of the Liddell Power Station and capture its transformation. Local talented artists were handpicked to document, record, and creatively interpret the power station’s journey, from its operational years to the poignant moment of its closure and beyond.

LiddellWORKS is a joint project between Arts Upper Hunter and AGL Macquarie to mark the historic closure of the Liddell Power Station which occurred in April 2023.

Over 12 months 17 artists will respond to the history, closure and transformation of the Liddell Power Station. With community events, workshops and performances along the way, culminating in an exhibition at both Singleton Arts and Cultural Centre and Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre.


23 Maitland Road, Singleton NSW, Australia

See our website for current information.


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