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Museum of Art and Culture Lake Macquarie (MAC)

Overlooking the shores of Lake Macquarie, the Museum of Art and Culture (MAC), is the premier art destination for the region. This award-winning contemporary arts space hosts a comprehensive collection featuring distinguished pieces by Janet Laurence and Judy Watson. Alongside the collection, are regularly changing exhibitions as well as a diverse visitor program including workshops, installations, performances, and other activities to engage the audience.

MAC is home to a dedicated Aboriginal program, yapang (meaning journey or pathway in Awabakal) featuring contemporary Aboriginal art and related programming year-round. Visit the recently expanded facility to explore all MAC has to offer.

Museum of Art and Culture Lake Macquarie (MAC)

First Street Booragul NSW 2284

02 4921 0382

Tues to Sun
9am – 3pm

Museum of Art and Culture Lake Macquarie (MAC)

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