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Kate Owen Gallery

Kate Owen Gallery is a multiple award winning gallery in Sydney’s Inner West and specialises in contemporary Indigenous art for modern interiors. Just 10 minutes by bus or taxi from the CBD, the Gallery is Sydney’s go-to art space for everyone from new buyers to established collectors.

Visitors will enjoy the friendly, relaxed atmosphere as they browse through the Gallery, which extends over three levels in a series of light-filled exhibition spaces which showcase major exhibitions of indigenous masters, established artists and exciting new talent. The gallery encourages clients to trial works at home and to use our free art consulting service.

Kate Owen Gallery has its own dedicated indigenous art studio in Alice Springs, allowing us to source central and western desert art directly from the artists as well as from Aboriginal Art Centres. We also feature works from a variety of other regions including the East Coast, Lockhart River, the Kimberley and the Top End. The gallery represents more than 200 artists; and more than 2,000 artworks are in stock at any time, ranging from small affordable works to larger investment pieces.

Kate Owen Gallery is committed to upholding the rights of Indigenous artists and is a member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, an organization noted for giving indigenous artists a ‘fair go’ since 1999.

Kate Owen Gallery

680 Darling Street Rozelle NSW 2039

02 9555 5283

Daily 10am - 6pm.

Kate Owen Gallery

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