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Jewish Museum of Australia

The Jewish Museum of Australia was founded in 1977 by a group of dedicated volunteers led by Rabbi Ronald Lubofsky. At over 20,000 items, it comprises the largest repository of the Australian Jewish experience in the world.

Predominantly donated by the community, the collection includes historical and contemporary Judaica; fine art, photography and textiles; letters, diaries, documents and books; and everyday objects.

Each and every item tells a story – conjuring the lives of the people who made, used, collected or donated it. Most importantly, the collection is a storehouse of memories to be preserved and presented so they might share what it means to be Australian and Jewish for many years to come.

The Jewish Museum of Australia illuminates Jewish life. At the intersection of art and Jewish culture, the Museum is a place for all people to share in the Australian Jewish experience.


Mobility users are able to access the Museum via rear entrance (step-free) if required. Please ring ahead to confirm. The Museum is located on the first level, accessible via lift and wheelchair accessible toilet facilities.

Click here for a list of this years Jewish Holy days, to see when the gallery will be closed.

Jewish Museum of Australia

26 Alma Road St Kilda VIC 3182

03 8534 3600

Tues to Fri
10am – 5pm

Sunday 10am – 5pm

Closed public holidays, Jewish holidays, Mondays & Saturdays.

Jewish Museum of Australia

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