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Fox Jensen Gallery

Andrew Jensen opened the gallery in New Zealand in 1988 and over the course of almost thirty years it has set itself aside in terms of its seamless presentation of international work alongside the most considered practices from the region. In early 2011 the gallery expanded to Australia opening a second site in Sydney, where after a short break, Emma Fox returned in 2011 to become Director of Fox Jensen Auckland with Associate Director Sarah McCrory.

Presenting exhibitions by major artists such as Imi Knoebel, Fred Sandback, Tony Oursler, Helmut Federle, Günter Umberg, James Casebere, Winston Roeth, Jacqueline Humphries, Elisabeth Vary and Callum Innes altered and enriched the “local” conditions. It provided the basis for an increasingly expansive approach which has seen the curated aspect of the gallery grow. There have been numerous notable projects including E=MC2 (Sandback, Umberg, Innes), Naked, The Architecture of Colour, Points of Orientation, Detox and most recently The Authority of Death. These projects introduced the work artists such as Eric Fischl, John McLaughlin, Agnes Martin, Joseph Albers, Karin Sander, Gabriel de la Mora and Spencer Finch.

Australian artists Jude Rae, Tomislav Nikolic, Aida Tomescu, Judith Wright and Coen Young, Ceara Metlikovec, New Zealand artists Geoff Thornley, Leigh Martin, Sam Harrison, Gary McMillan and Natalie Guy form a vital aspect of the galleries program and sit logically and coherently in this broader ecology.

The galleries are thrilled to have recently announced the representation of Erin Lawlor (UK) and Jan Albers (GER) both of whom will have solo exhibitions in Sydney and Auckland in 2018.

The gallery is run in close partnership with its artists by Andrew Jensen, Emma Fox and Sarah McCrory. It participates annually in Art Basel Hong Kong and Sydney Contemporary whilst remaining very focused on its gallery program.

Fox Jensen Gallery

Cnr Hampden Street and Cecil Lane Paddington NSW 2021

02 8084 4298

Wed to Sat 12pm – 5pm.

Fox Jensen Gallery

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