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JamFactory: Adelaide

JamFactory is a unique not-for-profit organisation that champions the social, cultural and economic value of craft and design in daily life. Through its programs, Jam Factory inspires audiences, builds careers, and extends contemporary craft and design into new markets.

For almost 50 years, JamFactory has been supporting and promoting innovative and outstanding craft and design through studios, galleries and shops. Located in Adelaide’s West End Creative Precinct, with a secondary site at Seppeltsfield in the Barossa, JamFactory is a unique not-for-profit organisation supported by the South Australian Government and recognised globally as a centre for excellence.

JamFactory’s four studios in Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, and Jewellery and Metal provide a two year skills and business Associate Program for artists and designers, as well as independent studio spaces for some of Australia’s best emerging creative talent. Exhibition and retail spaces showcase contemporary Australian craft practice and offer a wide range of high quality and collectable craft and design. JamFactory works with like minded organisations, architects and designers to design and manufacture bespoke elements for specialty commissions and projects.

JamFactory’s shops, exhibitions, public programs and touring exhibitions promote the best Australian craft and design talent. All purchases made from JamFactory directly support the training and exhibition program.

JamFactory: Adelaide

19 Morphett Street Adelaide SA 5000

(08) 8414 7225

Open Daily
10am - 5pm

JamFactory: Adelaide

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