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Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub

Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub celebrates our role in coming together with the community in the spirit of cultural expression and exchange. The hub includes several arts spaces designed to encourage creativity and collaboration, and showcase artistic endeavours. This is an inclusive place where people are inspired to think, study, create and enjoy an enriching program of cultural and learning experiences.

Art Gallery 275
A museum-standard art gallery, part of Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub, showcasing the Banyule Art Collection and host curated exhibitions.

Loft 275
A flexible gallery space for Banyule-based artists and community cultural groups, part of Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub.

Mungga Artist Studios
Dedicated artist studio spaces for Banyule-based creatives to take up residencies. ‘Mungga’ means ‘to make’ in the Woiwurrung language.

Yarra-me Djila Theatrette
A dynamic space for talks and performances, connected to a landscaped outdoor amphitheatre. ‘Yarra-me Djila’ means ‘open play’ in the Woiwurrung language.

Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub

275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe VIC 3079, Australia

03 9490 4222

See our website for more information.

Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub

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