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Hyde Park Barracks

A UNESCO World Heritage-listed site in the heart of historic Sydney, the Hyde Park Barracks is an extraordinary living record of early colonial Australia. Originally built to house convicts, the Barracks has also served as an immigration depot, asylum, law courts and government offices. Today it is a cutting-edge museum.

The Hyde Park Barracks welcomes everyone. We provide access to the site for people from all backgrounds and abilities, so everyone can enjoy its history.

Kids can explore the museum with a new tailored audio guide and activity trail.  Suitable for kids aged 5-10 years.

The Hyde Park Barracks is located at the southern (Hyde Park) end of Macquarie Street, next to The Mint.

Hyde Park Barracks

Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

02 8239 2311

Thur to Sun

Hyde Park Barracks

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