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Hahndorf Academy

Hahndorf Academy’s program of visual arts exhibitions showcases the work of local, national and international artists within the character settings of the galleries in its 19th Century building. The Hahndorf Academy is one of the largest regional art galleries in South Australia.  It contains a German Migration Museum and a large retail outlet, and is one of Hahndorf’s main cultural tourist attractions.

With a focus on representing the work of both established and emerging artists from all backgrounds, it presents a diverse range of work, in various media and styles, to accommodate the varying interests of its broad audiences, from the discerning art collector to international and interstate visitors and the local community.

Free Admission.

Hahndorf Academy

68 Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf SA, Australia

08 8388 7250

Daily 10am - 5pm
Closed Christmas Day.

Hahndorf Academy

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