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Griffith Regional Art Gallery

The Griffith Regional Art Gallery (GRAG) represents one of the creative faces in the Western Riverina region. A public gallery home to the National Contemporary Jewellery Collection and the Couture Collection. The Gallery strives to showcase nationally significant exhibitions and provides a platform for exhibition opportunities for local artists based in our region. GRAG is also committed to developing skills and promoting awareness in the visual arts via diverse public programs, workshops and floortalks.

Exhibition highlights in the past five years have been: The Archibald Prize (AGNSW), For Country; for Nation (AWM), Concrete: Art, Design and Architecture (Jam Factory) Warangesda: Deep Waters (GRAG) and The Lakeview Art Collection (private collection). Popular public programs have been: Life drawing, SmARTy kids and Master Classes in: portraiture painting, photography and print-making.

The small, yet committed team at GRAG are dedicated to being professional, approachable, inclusive, informative and fun.

Griffith Regional Art Gallery

167-185 Banna Avenue Griffith NSW 2680

02 6962 8338

Wed to Fri
10am – 5pm

Sat and Sun
11am – 2pm

Griffith Regional Art Gallery

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