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Grafton Gallery

The Grafton Regional Gallery is a source of community inspiration, delivering a vibrant and innovative program of exhibitions, events, workshops and outreach education. The Gallery enriches well-being, gets one involved, is visionary, unexpected and amazing in every way.

The Gallery was established in 1988 as a place of arts awareness, education and support for arts practitioners. It has evolved to play an important role in building community resilience, reflecting a sense of place and telling local stories through the visual arts. As is typical of many regional galleries, the Gallery has undergone several stages of restoration and redevelopment on its current site over three decades.

Since opening its doors, the GRG has developed into a statement cultural asset for Grafton, the region, artists and creative industry practitioners. It is the only provider of national and regional visual arts services in Clarence Valley.

Grafton Gallery

158 Fitzroy Street Grafton NSW 2460

02 6642 3177

Tues to Sun 10am – 4pm
Public Holidays may differ.

Grafton Gallery

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