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Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

The Grace Cossington Smith Gallery is a not-for-profit program run by Abbotsleigh, an Anglican pre K-12 Day and Boarding School for girls. The Grace Cossington Smith Gallery is committed to serving the public through free admission and an education program that reaches diverse audiences, including teachers, students from Pre-Kindergarten through Year 12, and adults.

The Grace Cossington Smith Gallery is located on the campus of Abbotsleigh, on the Pacific Highway at Wahroonga, NSW.

Their vision is to provide meaningful experiences and encounters through the visual arts. We aim for creativity, inquiry and imagination in our programming, to contribute to the intellectual life of the region, and to serve the needs of Abbotsleigh students and a diverse general public.

Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984), is regarded as one of Australia’s foremost modernist artists and she was a brilliant colourist. Grace lived most of her life in her family home at Turramurra and her paintings of interiors and the Sydney Harbour Bridge have become iconic images in Australian art.


Gallery photograph by Richard Glover.

Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

Gate 7, 1666 Pacific Highway Wahroonga NSW 2076

02 9473 7878

Tue to Sat 10am–5pm.
Free admission.

Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

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