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Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

A free, public gallery located at Abbotsleigh, 1666 Pacific Highway, Wahroonga. The gallery is a welcoming and accessible space that supports and encourages artists, students and our community. Situated in a former 1905 home and school boarding house it is a short walk from Wahroonga station. The gallery is named in honour of Abbotsleigh former student, and well-known painter, Grace Cossington Smith.

GCS Gallery has a firm commitment to explore the best, most dynamic and culturally diverse work so that exhibitions are artistically challenging and engaging for both students and adults. The annual program presents curated and touring exhibitions with a focus on contemporary art and learning.

GCS Gallery is keen to cultivate partnerships with key cultural organisations to develop arts activity in the region to further develop exhibition proposals and a lively workshop program for adults and students.

Free entry.

Gallery photograph by Richard Glover.

Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

Gate 7, 1666 Pacific Highway Wahroonga NSW 2076

02 9473 7878

Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm, and Sat 9am – 4pm.

Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

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