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Gallerysmith is a contemporary art gallery which presents around twenty exhibitions each year across three spacious galleries with a focus on solo shows by our represented artists. Each solo exhibition presents a new body of work which is often the culmination of more than year of studio practice.

 Gallerysmith celebrates 10 years in 2018. Under the directorship of Marita Smith, the gallery has grown and is proud to represent artists with international reputations and important mid-career artists while also successfully forging the careers of younger practitioners.  In addition to our main galleries, we also launched Gallerysmith Project Space in 2014, to enable us to support the practices of unrepresented artists. This unique combination of gallery models allows Gallerysmith to present a broad cross-section of art, making your visit a rich and fulfilling experience.


170-174 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne, VIC, 3051, Australia

03 9329 1860

Tues to Sat 11am–5pm


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