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Gallerysmith has been a recognised name in the visual arts for 15 years. Since 2008, the gallery has developed a strong reputation for showcasing artists with international reputations and important mid-career artists while also successfully shaping the careers of younger practitioners. Founding director Marita Smith’s former career as curator of public art collections, coupled with her degrees in Architecture (Fine Art) and post grad Museum Studies provided a firm foundation for her to become a gallerist. Gallerysmith artists are regularly selected for awards, curated exhibitions and acquired by public gallery collections. Gallerysmith’s list of represented artists is carefully selected to uphold the gallery’s vision of presenting work which has enduring cultural value.

Gallerysmith presents a rotating program of contemporary art exhibitions across spacious galleries by a hand-picked group of represented artists.

In addition to a white-walled gallery spaces, an annexe space provides a light-filled space to exhibit ceramics. This unique combination of gallery spaces within the building allows them to present a broad cross-section of art, making your visit a rich and fulfilling experience.


170-174 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne, VIC, 3051, Australia

03 9329 1860 or 0425 809 328 after hours

Tues to Sat


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