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Sydney’s only dedicated textile and fibre art gallery, showcasing the work of Australian and international artists through a dynamic program of exhibitions and events. Opened in 2017 when the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild transformed its century-old HQ into a bright, contemporary space, the non-profit facility includes galleries, workshop rooms, a historic collection and specialist textile art library.

As a visual medium, embroideries are best seen in person to be appreciated. The Guild holds regular exhibitions that are open to the public. There are six distinctive zones to the exhibition space that span all three floors of the building.  The largest gallery space is contained on ground floor (a combination of Galleries 1 – 4) and there are more intimate spaces for display on Level 1 (Gallery 5) and Level 2 (Gallery 6) with exceptional access to natural light.

All of the areas are universally accessible by lift.


76 Queen Street, Concord West NSW 2138, Australia

02 9743 2501

Mon to Fri 9am–4pm
Sat to Sun 10am–2pm.
See our website for latest information.


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