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Gallery Elysium

Gallery Elysium is a combined commercial art gallery and art tuition studio in the heart of Hawthorn, located on a beautiful corner over 2 street frontages, with outstanding public visibility.

Their curated, state-of-the art gallery features work from established and upcoming artists and offers creative spaces for lectures, seminars, presentations and other creative uses. The gallery space offers artists and art lovers alike a professional, fully staffed and curated, state of the art commercial gallery space, designed to accommodate a wide range of artworks from 3D sculptural and installation works, to a variety of 2D formats including large works on canvas, drawings, prints, photography and multi-media works.

Gallery Elysium

440-444 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC, Australia

0417 052 621

Wed to Fri 11am–5pm,
Sat and Sun 11am–5:30pm.
Mon & Tue by appointment only.

Gallery Elysium

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