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Gallery Central

North Metropolitan TAFE aims to build and maintain a permanent collection of works of visual art and craft for the cultural enrichment of its student body, staff and wider community and as a resource for teaching, learning, research, enjoyment and place-making.

The Art Collection reflects the College as a place of learning, creativity and imagination. Through its collection and display of artworks, NMT seeks to play a leading role in the intellectual and cultural development of the vocational sector, community and general public.

Containing over 2000 works (the earliest dating back to 1910) the Collection showcases works by past/current students and staff, as well as acclaimed local, national and international artists most often associated with the College, thus recording the College’s history and fostering a sense of pride and ownership.

Gallery Central

12 Aberdeen Street Northbridge WA 6003

08 9427 1318


Varies, please see exhibitions

Gallery Central

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