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Gallery 9

Established in 2006, Gallery 9 is a contemporary art gallery based in Sydney’s Darlinghurst. For over ten years we have been focused on representing a small stable of emerging, early and mid-career artists who embrace all forms of contemporary art practice. We are committed to supporting the artistic visions of our artists, nurturing their experimentations and investigations over the long term.

Gallery 9 represents artists working in Australia, New Zealand, The USA and Berlin in its Sydney gallery and also shows a number of its artists in off-site exhibitions in Melbourne. In addition to our stable, Gallery 9 has ongoing relationships with several other artists and presents a changing and evolving program of new and emergent contemporary voices.

Gallery 9

9 Darley Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010

02 9380 9909

Wed to Sat 11am - 6pm, Mon and Tues by appointment.

Gallery 9

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