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Fremantle Arts Centre

Fremantle Arts Centre, one of Western Australia’s major arts organisations and best-loved local facilities, offers a rich cultural program of exhibitions, artist residencies, art courses, music and events. FAC is an ambitious organisation with high quality programming that is recognised on a local, national and international level. Housed in a neo-Gothic style building constructed by convicts in 1860 and set in beautiful gardens, FAC is also an important heritage site.

The Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award, Australia’s leading printmaking award, is an annual feature of the curated exhibition program while Sunday Music, the free summer music series is an enduring favourite with the local community.

There is also a café and gift shop, FOUND at Fremantle Arts Centre, filled with the finest WA-made wares.


Free Admission.

Fremantle Arts Centre

1 Finnerty Street Fremantle WA 6160

08 9432 9555

Daily 10am - 5pm.
Free admission.

Fremantle Arts Centre

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