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A unique multi-arts venue and cultural incubator, fortyfivedownstairs has a twenty-year history of supporting the development of independent artists across the visual and performing arts.

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, fortyfivedownstairs has two exhibition spaces, and a flexible theatre and event venue, which operate all year round. Venturing one floor below street level, the gallery exhibits a diverse range of art forms, from photography, to drawing, to sound art, and more.

One floor further still, down into the building’s basement, the warehouse-style theatre space provides a home for an extraordinary array of ground-breaking works in theatre, cabaret, music, opera and dance. One week you could be attending a classical music recital, the next, the world premiere of a new Australian play featuring award-winning actors.


45 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000

03 9662 9966

Mon to Fri 12pm–7pm,
Sat 12pm–4pm.
Opening nights 5pm–7pm.


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