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Flinders Lane Gallery

Since opening its doors in 1989, Flinders Lane Gallery (FLG) has gained a reputation for actively supporting the practices of emerging, mid-career and Indigenous Australian artists. Operating beyond a rigid aesthetic or the dictates of fleeting trends, FLG presents works of painterly abstraction, high figuration and sculptural formalism alongside more recent developments in the areas of installation and new media practices. The FLG stable is unified by a core commitment to presenting high quality works demonstrating both technical skill and creative sensitivity.

At the heart of the gallery’s ethos is a desire to provide an accessible and inclusive arts environment, accommodating the needs and interests of both artists and collectors. Gallery Director Claire Harris is deeply committed to promoting her stable, bringing both an informed and intuitive perspective to her response to their work. A belief in developing long-term working relationships ensures an intimate and insightful awareness of each artist’s practice. Harris and her team dedicate their resources to promoting and nurturing the best outcomes for each artist’s career.


Located on level 1 of the Nicholas Building.

Flinders Lane Gallery

Nicholas Building, Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia

03 9654 3332

Tue to Sat 11am–5pm.
Closing 3pm on the final Saturday of exhibition.
See our website for latest information.

Flinders Lane Gallery

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