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Eden and the Willow

Eden and the Willow is a new gallery for contemporary art located in Newtown, Sydney. We opened our doors on the 2 September 2020.

Starting at this delicate point in time, our intention is to create a space that offers the usual refuge of an art gallery, and also a place where micro-events, such as an impromptu encounter that yields a meaningful exchange with a stranger, become possible.

We envision Eden and the Willow to develop as a curated cross-platform hosting exhibitions for emerging and established artists from across different disciplines, including performance and design.

Committed to being a part, and a catalyst for creative exploration and engagement, we welcome proposals from artists and curators.

Eden and the Willow

16 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

0431 231 981

Tues and Thurs 12pm–7pm, Wed and Fri 12pm–6pm, Sat 11am–5pm.

Eden and the Willow

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