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Dominik Mersch Gallery

DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY (DMG) was founded in 2006 in Sydney. With the aim to exhibit work that has an indelible impact aesthetically and conceptually, DMG challenges and engages its clients and broader audience by presenting the finest artist at the forefront of contemporary art practice.

DMG represents artists with impeccable artistic execution and demonstration of skill within their work. The art holds powerful aesthetic while being conceptually challenging and cerebral.

DMG strives to facilitate and encourage the development of its artists by creating every opportunity to platform their work and establish their visibility within the contemporary art market. The gallery acts as a vessel to facilitate cross-pollination and disciplinary practice between artists while placing them within the cultural a critical context.

The gallery focuses on exhibiting artists from Australia, Europe and Asia. There is a wide spectrum from emerging to mid-career and senior artists in DMG’s stable. Works by these artists are sought after and in major national and international collections.

In addition to hosting exhibitions, DMG is engaged to create a site of communication in the field of contemporary art and culture. The gallery program comprises of lectures, concerts, readings, special projects and performances conducted by invited curators and artists.

DMG is embedded in a close network of leading galleries worldwide and can therefore provide global reach. In 2014, a unique gallery swap with a Berlin-based gallery was realised. The Australian artists exhibited in Berlin where exposed to international audiences and curators.

Dominik Mersch Gallery

75 McLachlan Ave, Rushcutters Bay

02 9368 1999

Wednesday to Friday : 10AM - 5PM.
Saturday: 12PM - 5PM.
Closed Sunday

Dominik Mersch Gallery

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