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Cusack & Cusack

cusack&CUSACK Gallery, built circa 1883, was the originally a bakery, a grand old dame of a building lovingly restored to accommodate multiple creative initiatives; three exhibition spaces displaying contemporary painting, drawing, print making and sculpture, two studios for facilitating workshops, residencies and art classes, and a sculpture garden.

cusack&CUSACK Gallery shows a diverse range of critically acclaimed artists from around Australia, featuring; Lawrence Finn, Julie Poulsen, Lew Brennan, Jonathan McBurnie, Alison Peters, Nathan Miller, Dawn Robinson, and Adam Cusack.

Cusack & Cusack

31 Piper Street, Kyneton VIC 3444, Australia

0408 118 167

Fri to Sun 10am–3pm.
See our website for latest information.

Cusack & Cusack

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