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Conny Dietzschold Gallery

Conny Dietzschold Gallery was established in 1989, Conny Dietzschold (formerly Die Weisse Galerie), represents emerging, mid-career and established artists. The gallery features painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video and new media.

The program of the gallery over the past twenty years has been in general international contemporary art, with a focus on new tendencies in conceptual, concrete and constructive art. Since 1997 the gallery has organised exhibitions including Australian art, introducing artists such as Tracey Moffatt, Fiona Tan and Jenny Watson. Since 1999, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Cologne, has specialised in contemporary art from Australia and New Zealand only.

Two galleries were opened in October 2001 in Sydney located within Sydney’s new Gallery Complex in Waterloo with eight other galleries showcasing Australian and international art.

Conny Dietzschold Gallery

99 Crown Street East Sydney NSW 2010

+61 2 8096 3639

Opening hours by appointment only

Conny Dietzschold Gallery

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