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COMA aims to bring a dynamic and engaging focus to contemporary international art. In addition to an attentive curatorial approach it is characterised by a comprehensive understanding of artists exhibited and represented.

The gallery was designed to not only exhibit and promote emerging and established artists but to simultaneously concentrate on the conceptual aspects of their practice relating to these exhibitions, and foster an educational environment for the viewer.

Through this formula COMA aspires to create a culture of quality for both the public and the exhibiting artists.



Two locations;

Darlinghurst, Sydney
First Floor, 71-73 Stanley Street
Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010


Chippendale, Sydney
2/27-39 Abercrombie Street
Chippendale, NSW, 2008


First Floor, 71-73 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

+61 412 338 228

Tuesday – Friday
10.00am – 5.00pm

10.00am – 4.00pm


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