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City Gallery

The City Gallery presents free, quarterly exhibitions on city life, past and present. Specialist curators – often working in collaboration with artists and filmmakers – offer intriguing views of Melbourne life.

Guest curators are experts drawn from a wide range of disciplines: urban history, design, art, photography, architecture, writing, gardening and even museum curatorship. Each provides a specialised insight into city life in general and Melbourne in particular.

The City Gallery is set in the Swanston Street façade of Melbourne Town Hall, where it shares an entrance with City of Melbourne Customer Service. Two large windows form the gallery’s face to the street, with window signage displaying the current show to passers-by.


City Gallery

Melbourne Town Hall 110 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000

03 9658 9658

Mon to Fri 9am–5pm.
Free Admission.
Enter via customer service.

City Gallery

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