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Charles Darwin University Art Gallery

Through our exhibitions, public programs and permanent art collection, we celebrate, embrace and share with Australia the extraordinary art and culture of the Northern Territory, which is home to the world’s oldest living culture, and connected to the rich and diverse cultures of our Asia Pacific neighbours.

With the support of CDU, and with our home and heart in the Northern Territory, we will fearlessly explore and question, and imaginatively present and document, identity and placemaking initiatives that support learning and appreciation of how the world is experienced and imagined through the art and eyes of artists who live in or have a connection with our unique place in Australia and the world.

Please visit our Art Gallery and find exhibition room brochures from past internally-curated exhibitions.

Charles Darwin University Art Gallery

Charles Darwin University Art Gallery, Casuarina campus, Building Orange, Ground floor, Chancellery NT

08 8946 6621

Wed to Fri 10am–4pm,
Sat 10am–2pm.

Charles Darwin University Art Gallery

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