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Blue Mountains City Art Gallery

The spacious state-of-the-art Blue Mountains City Art Gallery is one of the leading regional art galleries in Australia. The Blue Mountains City Art Gallery features major touring, curated, regional and local exhibitions. Its Exposé Exhibition Program is dedicated to showcasing artists who reside in the Blue Mountains Region. The Gallery also hosts many quality exhibition programs such as curator and artist talks, educational workshops, concerts, gallery tours and outreach programs to the community.

The Blue Mountains City Art Gallery is located within the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre that also hosts a Café, Shop, a World Heritage Interpretive Centre and a Viewing Platform. Public art can be found throughout the building including prints, sculpture and installations that are all acquisitions of the city’s growing Art Collection.

Blue Mountains City Art Gallery

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, 30 Parke Street Katoomba NSW 2780

02 4780 5410

Mon to Fri 10am–5pm, Sat and Sun 10am–4pm.
Admission fees apply.
See our website for latest information.

Blue Mountains City Art Gallery

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