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BLINDSIDE is where you can expect the unexpected. It creates dynamic and transformative experiences that activate and expand the possibilities of contemporary art.

BLINDSIDE provides unique experiences for artists and their development, always striving to expand the sphere of artistic practice and empowering artists to see into fruition bold and spectacular ideas. It provides the opportunity for audiences to see the breadth of contemporary art practice from sculpture, drawing, painting and performance art, through to new media, video, sound, installation and craft.

With an expanding program and strong organisational rigour, and after a decade of developing and presenting contemporary art practice within the city of Melbourne, BLINDSIDE is committed to becoming more responsive and engaged with our audiences and community than ever before.


Level 7, Rm 14, 37 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000

03 9650 0093

Wed to Sat 12pm – 6pm.


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