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Beinart Gallery

Beinart Gallery (Melbourne, Australia) is a curated space for highly skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for strange and imaginative themes. By showing internationally established artists with emerging talent we are ushering the New Contemporary art movement into Australia. We are passionate about raising the profiles of Australian artists to an international stage through out worldwide network of collectors and enthusiasts. Beinart Gallery opened in 2016, but our role within this growing international movement spans over a decade through publishing, curating, promoting and educating.

Beinart Gallery

307 Victoria Street, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia

03 9939 3681

Wed - Sun; 10am – 5pm
Mon -Tues; Closed

*Please note that the gallery is closed for installation during the week prior to the opening reception of a new exhibition. See exhibition program for dates.

Beinart Gallery

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