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Aster + Asha Gallery

Aster + Asha Gallery is an online contemporary art platform dedicated to exhibiting a curated selection of engaging artwork by emerging artists from across Australia.

The gallery presents artists who work across varied mediums including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and print, using both traditional and innovative materials and techniques. It has a strong focus on presenting artists that reflect the multiplicity of voices and backgrounds in the Australian community.

Aster + Asha Gallery brings confidence to your online art experience and ensures that you will find artwork you love. Providing personalised advice for those starting or continuing their art collection and offering assistance in the framing and presentation of your new work, all areas of art buying are professionally handled.

All artworks are under $5,000 and the gallery can freight artworks nationally and internationally.

By purchasing artwork from Aster + Asha Gallery, you are supporting Australian artists and encouraging our local arts community.

Aster + Asha Gallery

07 3191 1577

Online only gallery.

Aster + Asha Gallery

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