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Arts Project Australia

Arts Project Australia has aimed high since 1974 when we set out to lead and innovate in the arts and disability sectors. Over Art Project Australia’s history, the quality of our exhibitions and artwork created in our studio has flourished, fed by a range of innovative programs and activities.

We were the first full-time art studio in Australia for artists with an intellectual disability and have built a reputation both in Australia and internationally for our achievements on this front. Proof lies in the consistency and quality of the exhibitions and programs that produced and delivered by the gallery, along with the extraordinary opportunities and experiences we have brokered for our artists, who have been included in exhibitions all over the world and are represented in countless public and private collections.

Arts Project Australia

Collingwood Yards, Johnston Street, Collingwood VIC, Australia

03 9482 4484

10am-6pm Wed-Fri
12-4pm Sat & Sun.

Arts Project Australia

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