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Artbank (Sydney)

For over 35 years, Artbank has been at the forefront of the Australian contemporary art sector and is the most successful program of its type in the world. Established in 1980 as a federal government support program, Artbank’s two core objectives are to provide direct support to Australian contemporary artists through the acquisition of their work and to promote the value of Australian contemporary art to the broader public sector. The Artbank collection includes over 10,000 artworks made accessible through the operation of a unique art leasing program where artworks can be leased by the public.

Artbank (Sydney)

222 Young Street, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

1800 251 651

Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm. Art leasing consultancy (by appointment) Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Artbank (Sydney)

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