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Art Collective WA

Art Collective WA is an internationally recognised artist collective based in Perth, Western Australia.

Established in 2013, Art Collective WA has matured into a significant player in the Australian contemporary art scene. Run by artists, the Collective focuses on creating opportunities that involve and benefit significant Western Australian artists.

Long-term career artists who have lived and worked in the state for many years are invited to join as members. There is a group approach to running the organisation, in which artists are in control of decisions, and strategies are agreed that reflect positively on members’ careers.

They exhibit artist members’ work in their gallery in Cathedral Square, in the heart of Perth, and invite other artists to participate in the annual gallery program.

The gallery in Cathedral Square presents a program of monthly solo and group exhibitions. The artworks are for sale and other available works can be viewed physically in the stockroom or online.

Art Collective WA

2/565 Hay Street, Perth WA, Australia

08 9325 7237

Wednesday – Friday 11am – 4pm, Saturday 12 – 4pm or by appointment.

Art Collective WA

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