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Alcaston Gallery

Established in 1989, Alcaston Gallery is a leading Melbourne Art Gallery with a national and international focus and exhibition schedule. The gallery represents contemporary artists from Australia and the Asia Pacific Region and is renowned for representing and exhibiting Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Director Beverly Knight and her curatorial staff are proud to represent important established and emerging artists and to maintain and develop personal relationships with collectors, institutional curators and art lovers alike. Alcaston Gallery’s role is to assist in building pathways for creative practice with financial reward, without compromising the political and cultural aspects of an artist’s oeuvre. The foundation of Alcaston Gallery’s business is to provide guidance through the international complexities of exhibiting in the 21st century in an evolving virtual and pragmatic collecting society, bringing artists and collectors together.

Alcaston Gallery

84 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

03 8849 9668

Mon to Fri 10pm–5pm or by appointment.
See our website for latest information.

Alcaston Gallery

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