Five on Five: Peter Waples-Crowe on David Wojnarowicz’s Bad Moon Rising


Read a full transcript of the podcast here.

In this first series of Five on Five we’re asking five painters to speak about a painting that has influenced, inspired or resonated with them. In this episode Peter Waples-Crowe reflects upon Bad Moon Rising (1989) by David Wojnarowicz.

As you listen, you can see in the painting (reproduced above) that Waples-Crowe is captured by Wojnarowicz’s symbolism, his aids’ activism and the queer politics underlying his imagery.

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Peter Waples-Crowe is a Ngarigo visual and performance-based artist living in Melbourne. Waples-Crowe creates bold colourful work that discusses the representation of Aboriginal people in popular culture, often referencing the dingo as an analogy for Indigenous peoples.

He is currently exhibiting in A Lightness of Spirit is the Measure of Happiness at ACCA and is also showing at Benalla Art Gallery for Squatters and Savages, a collaborative project with Megan Evans.

Feature Words by Tiarney Miekus