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Paul Sandby: The Father of English Watercolour

This remarkable permanent Sandby collection of Hamilton Gallery, came to Australia from England in 1951. It had been acquired, around 1801, by Samuel Robert Gaussen (1759–1812), who was a London banker and a Governor of the Bank of England. In 1786, Samuel Gaussen had bought a notable country property named Brookmans, in North Mymms Hertfordshire. Unfortunately, in 1891 a fire destroyed the manor house at Brookman’s Park and with it much of the belongings, however some paintings and wine were saved. It is with great pride that we have the saved paintings on permanent display in the Hamilton Gallery. Windsor Forest, at the foot of Windsor Castle, was one of Sandby’s favourite themes. Indeed, he developed a speciality in landscapes prominently featuring gnarled and convoluted trees. With its free and atmospheric approach, this work is typical of his late period. The rich autumnal colouring and impressive attention to detail recall the landscapes of the 17th century Dutch School. This is the artist’s largest recorded work.

1 January

Hamilton Gallery

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