Lost in Time

Lost in Time explores themes of femininity, objectification and ageing whilst subverting the idea of women as edible objects and display pieces.

Assemblages of dolls heads in glass domes are juxtaposed with large photographic portraits of bodies sprouting flowers, provoking ideas of death and rebirth whilst conveying a message of resilience and transformation.

The exhibition highlights the passing of time and the throwaway nature of our society. Once precious, now discarded items collected from op shops such as antique cake stands and porcelain dolls are repurposed and assembled into precious symbols of strength and wisdom.

By reflecting on the artist’s personal experience of loss, through the death of a friend and watching family members suffer from dementia, Lost in Time intertwines the concept of living ghosts with the idea of ghosts from times past.

16 April—27 April

PG Gallery

227 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy