Lands of Light: Lloyd Rees and Tasmania

This exhibition celebrates the work of Lloyd Rees (1895-1988), particularly his works painted in Tasmania between 1967 and 1988. Rees was one of the pre-eminent Australian landscape artists of the twentieth century and a highly accomplished painter, draughtsman and printmaker. His vision was highly individual and idiosyncratic, and little influenced by the artistic trends that waxed and waned throughout a long career. Rees sought to build on the legacy of European landscape painting, taking inspiration from artists such as Corot and Turner while also drawing on a much younger Australian tradition. Drawing on the extensive collection of the Rees family, the collections of several major public galleries and a number of private collections, the exhibition will explore the influence of Tasmania, and in particular the Tasmanian light, on Rees’ work.

7 March—27 October