Devonport Regional Gallery

Group Exhibition


An exhibition exploring food production and harvest on the North West Coast Tasmania.

The story of harvest is told through the historic Robinson Collection of photographic negatives, local growers, contemporary Tasmanian artists, and community. Harvest times have punctuated the agricultural calendar through generations, creating an essential rhythm to which people’s lives have followed. In Northern Tasmania, these agricultural seasons continue to be present in everyday life, providing livelihoods and sustenance for many locals. The agricultural landscape is a part of our cultural identity, and the harvest is visible and present to everyone.

Featuring images from the Robinson Collection and loaned and Permanent Collection works by artists including Molly Turner, Susan Simonini, Patrick Grieve, and many more.

Curated by Ellina Evans.

19 June—27 July

Devonport Regional Gallery

paranaple arts centre, 145 Rooke Street, Devonport TAS 7310