Deakin University Art Gallery

George Gittoes, Hellen Rose, Ave Libertatemaveamor

George Gittoes: Ukraine Guernica

Originally staged at Hazelhurst Arts Centre, the Deakin University Art Gallery is proud to present celebrated Australian artist George Gittoes’ newest exhibition Ukraine Guernica including collaborations with Hellen Rose and Ukrainian artist Ave Libertatemaveamor.

Not long after Russian armed forces invaded Ukraine in February 2022, artist George Gittoes and his partner, musician and performance artist, Hellen Rose, left Australia for Kyiv. During two separate trips to Ukraine, George and Hellen spent time with residents as the cities were being bombed, uncovering their experiences, and documenting the devasted urban and rural landscapes through film, performance and painting. They developed friendships with artists, poets and other creatives in Kyiv, Irpin and Odessa which lead to the development of collaborative works, including the re-birth of the destroyed House of Art in Irpin and the large KISS OF DEATH mural.

The exhibition Ukraine Guernica will be realised as an immersive and arresting experience for visitors highlighting Gittoes unflinching belief in the power of art to counteract war.

3 July—16 August